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 Web news 18.12.2004

Some ATI Radeon X700 XT benchmarks...

 Web news 5.5.2004


It's here again, new high-end card in first benchmarks. I am bringing tons of them in the most used Games and appz. And in this case its very interesting reading...

 Web news 30.4.2004

I found some pretty new benchmarks, you can find them on Other section. After big interest about Far Cry benchmarking I just now added very big comparsion of some high-end video cards in this game !

After few months I suppose that's time to change the poll questions. In last poll you can vote in Question "Which manufacturer dou you prefer ?". We got exactly 700 voters and results are following:

    1. Nvidia - 64.3% - 450 votes - 4.0 votes per day
    2. Ati - 34.1% - 240 votes - 2.1 votes per day
    3. Maxtor - 1.6% - 11 votes - 0.1 votes per day

I think this results says everythink: The main battle is between Ati and Nvidia when more people like Nvidia. Here is screenshot to verify results. Please vote in next poll...

 Web news 14.4.2004

Yeah, after official launching of new generation chipset nVidia GeForce 6800 I am here with couple of hot benchmarks !!! Click and see the new power in action...

 Web news 7.4.2004

I bought a new graphic accelerator - Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9600 128 MB DDR [web]. I'm not so rich to buy some high-end card, so I selected this middle-end. Due some benchmarks on one russian site has that model better performance than MSI GeForce FX 5600, which was second candidate to buy.

Now I am building new computer, so after little roundup I will bring some scores and results of benchmarks. Before this Radeon I had about one-and-half year old Axle Radeon 9000, which is now little out. But it was good choice, before year it was nice card to beat almost all new games...

One new benchmark in iXBT section...

 Web news 5.3.2004

Small content upgrade of this site: now you can download most used drivers from ATI and NVIDIA.

 Web news 29.2.2004

Small benchmark of two High-end accelerators in Far Cry demo !!

 Web news 29.1.2004

Added about 30 new images - comparsions of higher permormance cards. One in Others, second one in X-bit.

 Web news 12.1.2004

Finished announced rebuilding User's gallery, now it should be working OK. Minor changes, images separated to 10 per page and next upgrades.

 Web news 11.1.2004

Thanks for voting in actual poll, results are interesting. I repaired some bugs with this poll and with menu too. Now I am preparing new User's gallery style to make it little easier and better.

 Web news 26.12.2003

Added very impressive efect after pointing mouse over number of set in benchmarks. Try it by pointing mouse over THIS.

 Web news 22.12.2003

Some news benchmarks - two big comparsions with about 80 video cards... I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2004. After some troubles added working poll, you can vote in actual question.

 Web news 6.12.2003

After little break i am here back with new comparsions of new high-tech cards.
More in iXBT section.

 Web news 13.10.2003

New part of the site, User's gallery. It's script that allows users to add their own images to this site. You must know only URL of the image and then you can add it in a simple form. It's too easy, try it!

 Web news 6.10.2003

Damn, whole site was rewrited by some bad files, so i had to repair corrupted design and guestbook. There can be some minor changes, but it should be as before.

 Web news 11.09.2003

Some news benchmarks, at the most very new accelerators.

 Web news 18.08.2003

In all sections added hint box with included cards.

 Web news 17.08.2003

New logo, lot of new ideas. In iXBT section added box with models of cards in set, which will appear after targeting mouse over number of set. This box will be added in all sections.

 Web news 14.08.2003

I have made a non-commercial guestbook, simply php script with editing "phpBook" for my needs. I think it is pretty working, so visitors can send me a feedback without writing an email. Next i added some Tom's hardware comparsions.

 Web news 13.08.2003

Today i added lot of tables from russian site iXBT and wonderfull comparsion of almost all newest video cards. This comparsion is in the Flash. More in iXBT section.

 Web news 12.08.2003

First sections with only few charts. Now from servers iXBT, Tom's hardware and X-bit labs. One pretty comparsion from Tom's hardware with DOOM 3 prerelease! Next files in progress.

 Site start

Today I created this website. What will be here ? This should be page with many graphic cards test, benchmarks and interesting pictures. On every page is several Sets, each set represent a one test, so there is alike cards in different benchmark or game. This website is part of my homepage - Hannes web.

For the beginning is here some charts from Tom's Hardware and one russian site, adress i can't remember, sorry.

I hope, that stuff will be often added and site will be well visited. Thanx for reading.